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Lead Sleeves - Thin Walled:


Alchemy Extrusions Inc produces a custom a thin-walled lead sleeve – some refer to this specialty product as a lead tube – for oil sands laboratory core sample analysis. Engineers, geologists and rig workers have used the term ‘tar sands’ and ‘oil sands’ interchangeably, sometimes also termed ‘bitumen sands’.
Alchemy Extrusions employs custom production and extrusion techniques to provide the testing laboratory with a lead sleeve having these specifications and features...
  • Extremely thin wall at 7 thousandths of an inch (0.007”)
  • Outside diameter (OD) of 1 inch is common; a custom OD of 1.5” has also been produced; we can tool up to produce and extrude exactly what you may require
  • Alchemy lead sleeves / tubes have been produced at various inch lengths, as specified by the oil sands core sampling laboratories... 1”, 1.75”, 5.5”, 6”, 7”, 8”; we can produce exactly what you need
  • Lead sleeves are packaged in custom compartmentalized cartons to prevent damage in transit
  • Permeability analysis of the various oil sands components involves loading the lead sleeve with raw oil sand material and compress it under very high pressure
  • Once compressed, the malleability of the extremely thin-walled lead sleeve results in virtually complete compression as it is happening, without any voids; an additional visual aspect is ‘seeing’ that the high pressure compression has had the effect of encapsulating the tiniest of ‘pebbles’ in the sand core sample (from the pressure)... visible on the outside wall of the thin-walled lead sleeve/tube
  • A valued customer states the following regarding permeability and porosity... “Selected core samples are mounted in metal sleeves (Alchemy lead sleeves) for conventional Boyle’s Law Helium porosity and permeability to air measurements. These measurements can be performed at net stress conditions”
Oil Sands – Tar Sands – Bitumen Sands 
Alchemy Lead Sleeves / Tubes for your Core Sample Testing Procedures
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